Incorporated on New Years Day, 1924, East York started out as a collection of market gardens, a few brick-making yards, and a horse racetrack and comprises the area between O'Connor Drive to the North and Danforth Avenue to the South, between Victoria Park Avenue and the Don Valley. From its founding in 1924 until its amalgamation into the City of Toronto in 1998, East York held the distinction of being Canada's Only Borough.

Its original residents were primarily veterans returning from WWI and employees of those local market gardens and brickyards. 

East York is attractive to many homebuyers because of its affordability given its close proximity to downtown and is characterized by an abundance of bungalows as well as 1.5- and 2-storey detached homes.

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BOYLE COMMERCIAL, BROKERAGEttttt 1659 Bayview Ave, Toronto
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